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Incartoo - A Smart Solution for Retailers

Turn Your Physical Shops into Online Stores

Incartoo is a ready-made digital solution developed to help you run a successful online business. This interactive, mobile-compatible platform contains all essential features to easily set up a fully customized eCommerce store.
If you want to get more out of your business then Incartoo is the right choice. Let’s start building your online store.

Powerful Features

Trusted by Online Merchants Globally

Escalate your number of customers, sales, and profits, all while keeping in check every product, order, sale, and shipment with our powerful stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control software solution.

Products Management

With a fully customizable product management module in place, all stakeholders can have access to the items uploaded across different categories with the latest product information at all times.

Orders Management

Connect the dots across your online sales channel with real-time monitoring and management of the lifecycle of all orders. Improve your profit forecasts, eliminate shipping errors to save costs.

Customers Management

Collect, organize and monitor all essential customer data. This module helps businesses capture, research and analyze their consumer information to develop and retain a core customer base.

Vendors Management

The system comes with advanced management and control. All retailers can be managed and monitored under specific categories. System is capable to cater multi-vendors under one umbrella.

Actionable Analytics

Advanced analytics algorithms with absolute data security will help you measure and analyze your online store’s performance metrics. Harness the power of predictive analytics for better results.

Customized Notifications

Stay ahead with quick reminders on any created promotion, etc. Timely notifications will be forwarded to the end users. Stock related notifications will be delivered to admin and vendors as well.

Other Useful Features

Complete Home Page Management

Offers complete home page management, provides a high-level sophisticated view to manage functionalities. categories, Products, Menu, Sort Ordering, Widgets, Banners etc.

SEO Management

Bring your business ahead of competition with this SEO-ready platform. You can set meta tags for different pages so that search engines can easily crawl and rank them high in SERPs.

All You Need To Grow Your Online Business

Clothing & Fashion




Health & Fitness


Home & Lifestyle


Easy Customization Highly Scalable, and Responsive

What can trigger your business growth in multi-fold is through getting your hands on smart software. A big shift is happening in the business world right now. You cannot rely on your physical store alone. If you are willing to make that shift in your favor, you need Incartoo to build an online shop. NO JOKE. It’s a far greater way to INVEST LESS and GAIN MORE.

An Innovative eCommerce Solution

Coming with a predefined homepage, beautiful interfaces, Incartoo is a turnkey solution for building your online business. Explore Incartoo Responsive eCommerce theme by yourself!

Happy InCartoo Customers

  • Huda Khan
    It’s my online business go-to that brings me a tenfold increase in revenue.  For me, Incartoo is everything I need to sell anything, anywhere.
    Huda Khan
  • Dawood Sahil
    Who needs a physical shop when you have Incartoo? I’d recommend you buy it  because from clean code to lovely displays, it has everything you need to create and run an online store.
    Dawood Sahil
  • Jessica Paul
    Buying Incartoo and building my own custom store online was a great decision that brings my fashion brand better results. It happens to be a goldmine for me.
    Jessica Paul